Developmental Specialist, Parent Coach, Speaker



I dream of a time when all children, regardless of their abilities or limitations, are easily and completely included into society.


My mission is to help kids with special needs thrive while helping parents and family members conquer stress, fear, and overwhelm.


As a special needs therapist of 30 years and the Founder and CEO of Special Advantage, I work directly with children, in person as well as virtually, regardless of their special need or delay.


I work one-on-one with kids from birth to 7 years of age, and I also coach parents and family members (regardless of the age of their child) who are:

  • frustrated and exhausted trying to navigate the systems
  • unsure how to best support their child (of any age)
  • struggling with limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • experiencing negative emotions such as worry, guilt, anxiety, fear and depression
  • sick of feeling isolated, alone and judged by others
  • wanting to better understand and help their child grow up and live a happy, independent life

Children with special needs are AMAZING and have gifts they offer so freely once you’re open to seeing them.


Special needs have been a feature of my entire professional and personal life!  10 members of my own family have needs ranging from autism to seizures to brain trauma and more.  My big “why I got into this field in the first place” stems from hearing my Mom’s stories of how hard it was to be a parent of a child with unique needs and how it almost caused her to have a nervous breakdown!

I, myself, have overcome three major ‘disabilities’ in my lifetime, so I have my own unique perspective, which incidentally fuels my passion for inclusion.

With unconditional love, acceptance, and support for their special needs, kids (or Little Super Heroes as I like to call them) can grow up to be happy, contributing members of society.

I have worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life, originating from all over the world, including families of top executives at:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple

Through working with me, my clients achieve results including:

  • a happier, more peaceful home
  • reduced anxiety, stress, and overwhelm
  • better relationships and quality of life for all family members
  • greater understanding of their child’s needs
  • improved certainty about their child’s future
  • knowing they are doing all the right things
  • improved progress and greater peace of mind


  • Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Special Education (graduating Summa Cum Laude at the very top of my class)
  • Certified NLP Master Practitioner
  • Certified Master Executive Coach & Life Coach
  • Advanced Transdisciplinary Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health Practitioner
  • Hand selected to run the High-Risk Infant Development Clinic at Stanford Children’s Hospital
  • International and Featured Speaker at multiple disability awareness and infant development conferences including:  the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Infant Development Association of California, and various Early Start Programs



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