We help parents of children with special needs who wonder if they’re doing the right things to help their child make progress.  What we find is that parents are frustrated and exhausted trying to navigate the systems, lack of services, and on-line learning.  You struggle with knowing how to balance your time, and often get stuck in worry, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm… and all you really want is greater peace of mind, to know how to better understand and help your child, so they will grow up and live a happy, independent life.

At Special Advantage, our approach is different.  We believe in addressing the needs of all family members, not just your child with special needs.  Everyone knows that no matter what is done to help a child make progress… if you’re not also addressing the core needs, concerns and overwhelm of the parents, the child will only get so far.

This is why, at Special Advantage, our services are family-focused and strength based.  We see you as experts on your child… you know them best, and when you are ready to partner with experts who know about special needs and managing stress… the partnership naturally brings about greater progress for your family.  Siblings and other family members are included, whenever possible, since these are the relationships that matter most.

We believe in community!  That we are all connected; more alike than different, and it is our differences that make us unique and special.  Kids with special needs are Little Heroes who need unconditional love, acceptance and support so they can soar and thrive and grow up to be happy, contributing members of society.

Compared to others, parents of children with special needs are consistently being depleted faster, which is why they, too, need more love, understanding, and support.  You can’t pour from an empty, depleted cup.  At Special Advantage, we recognize that things like fear, stress, guilt, worry, exhaustion, and overwhelm keeps people stuck.  When you are stuck, stressed out or overwhelmed you aren’t thriving… you are not at peace or living a joyful life.  In this state, it’s much harder to take care of others, let alone yourself.  However, when you are empowered… you think and act differently.  You become more powerful than you believe you can be – and that is what your child needs… you to get “unstuck” and be empowered.  Once our clients realize this, and are truly ready for a change, they become unstoppable!

Our tribe of Special Needs Parents and Professionals are proactive, empowered, and confident about their future.

Our mission is to break the barriers of judgement and help the world see the person beyond the “disability” and shower them with unconditional love, acceptance and support.

Here at Special Advantage, we dream of a time when all children, regardless of their abilities or limitations, are easily and 100% included into our society.



Every child can succeed!  Every child can be included!  Often times people choose to focus on what a child with special needs can’t do, but here… we’re different.  We like to focus on what they can do.  We believe that any child who rises up and overcomes a challenge is a Little Super Hero and we choose to celebrate their WINS – so we can see more of them – again, and again, and again!

But even heroes need help sometimes – especially little ones.  At Special Advantage, your child will get just the right sort of help s/he needs to make progress and develop new skills.  We’ll work with you to create a home-based, customized program that treats your little super hero as the unique individual they are.  Virtual programs are customized as well – we’ve been coaching parents on Zoom for over 6 years – and have a proven track record that it can be done successfully!

Our goal is an echo of yours – to help your little hero make progress and thrive, so they will grow up and live a happy, independent life.

Our home visit activities are fun, family-focused, inclusive, developmentally appropriate for your child, and play-based.

Our philosophy is simple:  If your child isn’t having fun, s/he isn’t going to learn!  

Interactions and activities should be joyful and fun for your whole family and not feel like “homework” or a chore for either you or your child.  We want you to feel like a “FUN parent” not a therapist – that’s our job, not yours.

Our Programs are designed to help improve your child’s development and progress while decreasing your fears and uncertainty about the future.  Let us help you, help your child.  Let’s partner together and develop the best home-based educational program that meets your individual family’s needs.


We know you are frustrated trying to navigate these broken systems.  We know you are worried your child won’t catch up, will be bullied in school and won’t make friends.  It’s clear that you want to know you are doing all the right things to help your child catch up so they can grow up and live a happy, independent life.  You’re exhausted and struggle with knowing how to balance your time.  You frequently get stuck in worry, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm and you aren’t sure how to let it go.  Even when you do let it go, briefly… it doesn’t last.  Does this sound familiar?

You and your child can succeed!  Let us show you how.  Years of college and trainings, studying neuroscience, and years of experience working with special needs families has built up our arsenal of tools for your parenting toolbelt.  Would you like us to share these with you and show you specifically what to do?  Are you ready to hear how you can feel empowered?  You’re ready to grasp that Extra Special Advantage that thrusts your child ahead now, aren’t you?  You are ready for more joy in your life and less worry now, aren’t you?