Every child travels a challenging path, and every child has moments of triumph, when something difficult is accomplished or something frightening is faced and handled. For a child with special needs or developmental delays, those moments are especially rewarding. I believe that any child who rises up and overcomes adversity is a little super hero.

But even heroes need help – especially little ones. At Special Advantage, your child will get just the right sort of help he or she will need to make progress and develop new skills.  I will work with you to create a home-based program that treats your little super hero as a unique individual. Whether the program is just a few sessions to address a specific concern, such as learning to sleep through the night or managing a less than desirable behavior, or a longer, more comprehensive plan designed to address more lofty goals, it will always be customized to suit your child’s unique strengths, behavior, learning style, and abilities.

My goal is an echo of yours – to help your little super hero start life with all of the advantages, and with all of the promise possible. I intend to help your child develop to his or her full potential – starting from where they are now, and inspired by where they might go from here.

My home visit activities are fun, family-focused, developmentally appropriate for your child and play-based. My philosophy is this: if a child isn’t having fun they aren’t going to engage, and if they are not engaged, they aren’t going to learn! I also want your family to have fun while working on your child’s goals! Interactions and activities should be joyful and not feel like work, a burden or a chore for either you or your child.



My programs are designed to help improve your child’s development and progress while decreasing your fears and uncertainty about the future. Let me help you help your child. Let’s partner together and develop the best home-based educational program that meets your individual family’s needs. I know you are frustrated trying to navigate the Regional Center and School District systems.  I know you are worried your child won’t catch up, will be bullied in school and won’t make friends. I’m also certain that you want to know you are doing all the right things to help your child catch up so they can grow up and live a happy, independent life.  I know you and your child can succeed!  Let me help you ensure that happens.