When we first got the diagnosis of autism, it was overwhelming.  Not just the knowledge, but dealing with the regional center, insurance, and therapies. Denise was incredibly helpful in navigating those mazes.  She told me about services I didn’t even know were available.  Over the course of nearly three years, my son encountered dozens of therapists, and Denise was definitely one of the best!  She is knowledgeable, engaging, and fun.  Toby had a confusing tangle of sensory issues, and she was able to untangle his various needs and show me how to help him.  In addition to my son, I got to see Denise work with many other children, and she understands how to bring out the best in a wide range of children with different struggles and different personalities.  Not only is Denise good for children, she’s also good for parents.  Sometimes I fell into the trap of only seeing my son’s deficiencies, and Denise was excellent at gently reminding me of his many wonderful qualities.  Plus, we just spent so much time laughing together, which is an excellent way to cope with the stress of parenting a special needs child.

A Very Grateful Mom, Redwood City, CA

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