Denise is very experienced and I consider her a phenomenal expert in working with children who have developmental needs. Self-feeding was a big challenge for my 4-year-old son. Before working with Denise, he would only drink water from a syringe or spoon. Since working with Denise, he has made significant improvements in this area. She has introduced and recommended a number of different cups to help my son drink. He is now able to drink from a special straw cup Denise recommended.

Denise has opened my eyes on so many ways to help my son develop communication through everyday activities. Watching how quickly she can come up with ideas to get my son engaged in preferred and non-preferred activities has taught me how much more I can help my son.

Denise, it was so wonderful to work with you and we are so glad we proceeded with it. I agree, he has improved in so many ways since you have been working with us—thank you!

Tricia Yonemitsu, San Mateo, CA