That was an awesome Parent Empowerment Session!  I’m feeling so at peace and certain, and like I want to celebrate my family.  WE get to choose our own future, and we get to define success for ourselves.  It doesn’t matter what Faith’s assessments say because any gaps in her development are only temporary.

YOU CAN’T KEEP HER DOWN!  She will bloom into an awesome badass butterfly one day!!!  And I get to watch it happen!  You have made such an awesome impact on my life, Denise.  Today made me realize I’m not an expendable and obsolete person now that my kids are here to replace me – I’m actually the most important piece of the puzzle!!  My new mantra is, “You can’t handle this much AWESOMENESS!”  I guess the subconscious (NLP) work is taking effect!

Chanlee Sutoyo, Badass Awesome Mother & Home Schooler of 2, Alhambra, CA