Testimonials From the Families We've Helped

Holiday Communication Made Easy!

Here come the holidays! Are you thinking that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made and discussions to be held with family members about what to do this year? How will you navigate those hot-button topics – and there sure are a lot of them in 2020, aren’t there? 😉 No one likes to be talked at, down to, or not heard? Your priorities and preferences matter. Let’s start communicating open-mindedly, maneuvering controversial topics with the intent and purpose to bond closer together – because that’s the trickier part and what’s really important, especially now.

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Special Needs Parent Support Group Is Going ONLINE

The shelter-in-place situation is hard. The silence in the streets is deafening, and eerie. Seeing other neighbors out walking their dogs or getting some exercise lifts my spirits, especially as we wave and say, “hello!” But it’s odd. It’s stressful. Everyone is starving for connection.

In light of the COVID-19 challenge, our Special Needs Parent Support & Education Group is going ONLINE – and I’m happy to say, we will now be meeting WEEKLY – YAY! Read More

He Has Improved In So Many Ways!

Denise is very experienced and I consider her a phenomenal expert in working with children who have developmental needs. Self-feeding was a big challenge for my 4-year-old son. Before working with Denise, he would only drink water from a syringe or spoon. Since working with Denise, he has made significant improvements in this area. Read More