I believe that as a parent, you are the expert on your child. If you feel your child is developing at a different pace or in a different way than other children his or her age, please trust your instincts and seek help. Don’t let your pediatrician or anyone else talk you into waiting too long before getting a developmental assessment! Waiting too long is the biggest regret for most of the parents I work with. Starting early is the best way to give your little hero the special advantages they so rightly deserve. Acting early can make a real difference when there is a developmental delay or disability.


It is important for you to learn what early milestones are expected while your little one is growing and also red flags that might come up along his or her journey that indicate it’s time to seek some help.

Your child’s early development is a journey and every child learns and grows in a slightly different way – all children are different just as all families are different.

But some things are the same. There are 5 main areas of development.


star  Social-Emotional
star  Communication
star  Motor
star  Cognition
star  Self-Help


Skills tend to build on each other and each developmental area helps to support positive growth and development in the other areas. For example, children learn to sit up before they learn to crawl, crawl before learning to walk, walk before learning to run and jump. Developing positive motor skills helps children learn to explore their environment independently which in turn helps them improve their development in other areas. When motor skills are delayed, however, there is a strong risk for delayed cognitive skills, communication skills, self-help skills and so on. In this way, each developmental area overlaps and helps or hinders development in the other areas.



If you are wondering what your child should be doing at this stage in their early development then I invite you to contact me as soon as possible. I would be happy to come out to your home to conduct a “Peace of Mind Developmental Assessment” with you and your child. I promise to provide you with a safe place to ask all of your questions. In return, you will receive guidance, answers and support. One way or another, I know you will feel better about your current situation because you will have answers and you will have a plan of action, if one is needed.

After the assessment, we’ll discuss the results together and I’ll provide you with my recommendations. These are some statements a parent might expect to hear:


“There is nothing to worry about – your child is right where I would expect them to be at this age.

“I see what you mean – this is a little concerning and here are some things you can do now to help him improve in this area (and I’m happy to follow up again in the future to monitor this, if you would like).

“I hear your concern and you sound ready to make a change and provide your family with a special advantage starting today. I recommend my “Jump Start Your Child’s Development” program focused on improving her sleeping habits/feeding skills/behavior, etc.

Yes, your child does have some developmental delays and the great news is that we can get started right away! My “Help Your Little Hero Succeed VIP Program” will be individually designed with your child and family in mind. The main goals are to help bring your child’s development closer to age level and also to help increase your parental confidence, improve family relationships and bring back joy into your life. As you know, services will be provided in your own home or community, are family-focused, play-based and fun for you and your child. I will be with you to provide guidance, answers, and support every step of the way!


Remember, if something doesn’t feel quite right, time matters!

Reach out to Special Advantage for a complimentary 60-minute “Accelerate Your Child’s Progress” Discovery Session and learn how I can help your child on the path to success!