All too often parents of children with special needs are exhausted, frustrated and overwhelmed because they lack the support and guidance they need.

You want to know you are doing all the right things to help your child grow up and live a happy, independent life, but struggle to know how to meet your child’s needs and how to balance your time.

You feel isolated, alone, and judged by others.

While many therapists follow a deficit-based therapy model, focusing only on the child and their lack of skills, at Special Advantage, our services are different.  We choose a more positive, proactive, family-focused and strength-based approach and also recognize parents as experts on their child.

This inclusive, partnership approach increases parental confidence and joy, while decreasing stress, overwhelm, guilt, and fear.  And you and your child improve!


Our one-stop-shop includes a variety of Programs that support the entire family:

star  Empowered Parent VIP Program – Individual Parent Coaching Breakthrough Sessions to address fear, anxiety, childhood and/or adult trauma, old habits and patterns, limiting beliefs, anger, grief, other “negative” emotions running (or ruining) your life, so you can release them once and for all and finally become the “fun” parent filled with joy, confidence, peace, and freedom that you want to be.
star  Help Your Little Hero Succeed VIP Program – an individualized, one-on-one program guaranteed to accelerate your child’s progress and help you reclaim your peace of mind in 6 months or less.
star  From Willful to Wonderful Behavior Enhancement Program – a customized behavior program guaranteeing less chaos, more peace in 90 days or less for families regardless if the child has special needs or not.
star  Special Needs Connection Group Membership Program – a monthly Group Coaching Program and Parent Support Group all rolled into one!  Join an incredible tribe and community of proactive parents in this amazing program designed to foster confidence, support, and connection while eliminating stress, confusion, and feelings of isolation.
star  Peace of Mind Developmental Assessments – comprehensive developmental assessments in all areas of development for your young child’s specific needs.
star  Parent Support and Discussion Groups complimentary support and discussion groups facilitated twice a month for parents and family members that have children with special needs and/or delays.
star  Bye-Bye Diapers! Program – an individualized 2-3 month long potty “training/learning” Coaching Program to fit your and your Little Heroes unique situation.
star  Nighty Night, Sleep Tight Program – an individualized home-based, sleep consultation program where you and your child can achieve peaceful sleep in 60 days or less.
star  Family First VIP Program – an accelerated 8-week Coaching Program for specific parents who are ready to receive serious transformation in 3 very powerful steps!
star  Empowered Professional VIP Program – professionals who serve also need to remember to take care of themselves so they can take care of and support others.  If you are a professional struggling with fear, stress, overwhelm, old wounds, habits or feelings (including feelings of “not being good enough”) that are keeping you stuck or playing small, call today, I can help!  Your people need you, don’t they?
star  Special Galapagos Island Cruise for Families with Special Needs Wildlife as a form of therapy for children with Autism, and this is the perfect family vacation of a lifetime!  I’ll be there with you as your Special Needs Expert and Guide so take the vacation… you all need and deserve it!

Special needs have been a feature of Denise’s entire professional and personal life.

This unique experience – coupled with her role as a public speaker and professional trainer in the field – has led her to grow a community and tribe of Special Needs Parents and Professionals who are proactive, empowered, and hopeful about the future.

Through Parent Coaching, Denise helps empower parents to become their highest, best self so they can be, do and have all they envision in life for themselves and their loved ones.  She believes, “Everyone has the power to change their own lives.  I believe we are more powerful than we think and once my clients realize this, and are truly ready for a change, they become unstoppable!  And so do their Little Super Heroes!”

When a client and coach are 100% committed, amazing transformation can occur.  Our clients experience the transformation they seek when they match our commitment level for themselves.  We give 100% and expect our clients to do the same (don’t worry, it’s easy, not as time consuming as you might think, and FUN!).  We believe anyone can change when they are ready to do so.  You can have excuses or you can have results… what do you want?

Coaching isn’t just teaching you or your child skills and practical strategies; it’s shifting your mindset – how you feel about what you’re doing or not doing – that’s what really matters!

Success = Mindset (80%) + Understanding + Strategy/Skills (20%)

Don’t believe it’ll work for you?  Read the testimonials from some of our clients and Book Your Complimentary Discovery Session Today!

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