My son, Alexander, is a 5 yr. old boy with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, and global developmental delays. He is not able to walk independently, he can only pronounce a few words, and he has a g-tube. We noticed that something was not right shortly after his birth. Since then, it has been an ongoing battle, from learning about his current and future needs, to learning how to cope with the community around us. It has changed our lives forever. My son has to face special challenges and needs extra help.

After working with Denise our lives have changed forever. We now know the best ways to care for Alexander, how to support and promote his development. We have learned that early intervention is the key in making a tremendous difference during the first years of Alexander’s life. We have also learned how to seek for adequate services that are necessary for his improvement. Having the support from a knowledgeable person like Denise makes you feel confident because you know that she will be there to guide you to the best interest of your child.

Thanks to Denise’s support and information, we know how to fight for Alexander’s rights, services, and related equipment. Alexander has all the necessary equipment to help him give out the best from him. He has a special stroller and a walker that helps him get where he wants to go with minimal support from an adult.

Having the support from Denise and knowing that she is there when you are lost is the best support that we all can ever have.

Jessenia Solorio, East Palo Alto, CA

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