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He Has Improved In So Many Ways!

Denise is very experienced and I consider her a phenomenal expert in working with children who have developmental needs. Self-feeding was a big challenge for my 4-year-old son. Before working with Denise, he would only drink water from a syringe or spoon. Since working with Denise, he has made significant improvements in this area.

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Bye-Bye Diapers!

Adam is doing amazingly. For weeks now, he has not wet his pants ONCE. Not. Once. Poop is still an issue for him since he struggles with constipation and mild CP but he obviously “gets it.” The one big poop he has had recently was in the potty!

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“Accelerate Your Child’s Progress & Reclaim Your Peace of Mind!”

Are you a parent of a young child (birth to 5) with special needs or a developmental delay?  Are you concerned your child might not be progressing as they should?

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