Here come the holidays! Are you thinking that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made and discussions to be held with family members about what to do this year? How will you navigate those hot-button topics – and there sure are a lot of them in 2020, aren’t there? ? No one likes to be talked at, down to, or not heard? Your priorities and preferences matter. Let’s start communicating open-mindedly, maneuvering controversial topics with the intent and purpose to bond closer together – because that’s the trickier part and what’s really important, especially now.

Join me and four other Experts in a complimentary, 6-Day Confident Communication Summit! (November 9 – 14th)

Learn how to communicate non-aggressively. Non-aggressive communication is an art. Learn why each person is responsible for 100% of the energy introduced during a conversation.

Do you want to be right or do you want to connect with people? If your goal is to be right rather than connect to why someone thinks and believes the way they do, then you will accomplish neither!

Not sure how to voice your values with opinionated family members? Wondering how to exit the holidays lovingly? This year, the end of the holidays could spell the end of friendships and family relationships unless you practice some important habits. Why wait?

Join me and learn some new, important communication skills that can not only help you survive the holidays with your friends and family members, but also help you beyond the holidays with your co-workers, employees, your boss, clients, even your kids!!


    Confident Communication Summit Agenda


Welcome Party – November 8
4pm pst LIVE with Experts in Facebook Group

Day 1- November 9
Session One: 10am pst Identifying different family patterns and how to navigate the conversations with each type
Session Two: 11:30am pst Healthy boundaries and self-care when you think you don’t have time (MY FAVORITE TOPIC TO TEACH!!!) ?

Day 2 – November 10
Session One: 10am pst Preparing for holiday gatherings emotionally and mentally (I’m co-teaching this one too!)
Session Two: 11:30am pst Managing difficult emotions that you’re experiencing

Day 3 – November 11
Session One: 10am pst How to handle family expectations (Yep, I’m co-teaching this as well)
Session Two: 11:30am pst How to release personal strikes from opinionated family members

Day 4 – November 12
Session One: 10am pst Co-exist with family members (even after the holidays)
Session Two: 11:30am pst Positively influence your family members in communication without conflict

Day 5 – November 13
Session One: 10am pst Busting out of old “family roles” that no longer fit (My finale with Jesse and Bruce!)
Session Two: 11:30am pst Making tough decisions when it seems like no one will understand

Day 6 – November 14
10am pst LIVE Q&A Sessions with All the Experts

Sessions will be recorded so if you miss one, you can review it later for a period of time within the private FB group!

Just because I’m not teaching a topic doesn’t mean I won’t be there! So, I DO hope you’ll join me for some customized support with this area…

I know this sounds amazing and you can learn more about it and sign up using this link:

Kindly reach out to me if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Special Needs Expert