Sure, there’s joy, but parenting can be stressful.  Parenting a child with special needs can be overwhelming, exhausting and scary at times, especially during a pandemic!  More than ever, parents now feel anxious, worried, and guilty.

They are struggling with knowing how to balance their time and wonder if they are doing enough to support their child(ren).  They long to let go of feeling like a “bad” parent and want to be more fun, confident, empowered, and in their joy.  Everyone does, right?

In this complimentary, interactive, on-line workshop, we’ll look at ways to help you deal with stress and overwhelm.  The age of your child doesn’t matter – it is NOT just for parents with young children or babies.  Participants will:

  • Learn 3 important (and easy) steps to successfully manage stress and overwhelm
  • Identify what has been overwhelming you and discover how it’s affecting you, your family and loved ones and perhaps even those you work with
  • Professionals, get educated on what stresses parents out and how you can support them
  • Walk away with new strategies & tools for your toolbelt to decrease stress and overwhelm and increase feelings of empowerment, peace, patience, and joy.

Grab your seat today by visiting the Parents Helping Parents website and RSVP now by clicking: Register Here

Funded by First 5 Santa Clara County.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey out of stress and overwhelm and into a life filled with joy, peace, and empowerment!