I’m excited that I had the opportunity yet again to speak at the Infant Development Association of California’s Annual Conference. This time they blended the Northern and Southern California Conferences together so it was an even more powerful, enriching experience for all those who attended.

One of the goals of IDA is to provide educational opportunities for professional and personal development to those individuals who are serving the special needs community – specifically those involved in Early Intervention or Early Start. IDA, like myself, provides a variety of training formats: workshops, professional networking gatherings, webinars, and multi-day conferences, such as this one.

My goal has always been, and continues to be, to support young children with special needs and help them make greater progress and help their parents get out of stress, overwhelm, and fear of the future. I do this by 1) directly working with families either in their homes, community or online, and 2) training others in the field to support these amazing children.

My topic this time at the IDA Annual Conference was “Home Visiting the Child Who is Medically Fragile.” I’m still reeling from all the amazing people I had the opportunity to meet during my interactive session, all the wonderful feedback, and the fact that participants were dragging in chairs from other rooms in the hotel in order to claim a seat for this informative session. #blessed that my peeps also feel the need to get this information out there in order to support such an incredibly, beautiful population of children. Let’s keep the dialogue going – shall we? It takes a village!