5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Child’s Development While Having Fun & Taking Care of Yourself In the Process. 

Are you lying in bed awake at night, concerned about some aspect of your child’s development? Are you wondering if they are meeting their developmental milestones? Do you wish your days weren’t so difficult and want to recapture your joy? Come to this workshop and meet Denise Carbon, Infant and Child Development Specialist, who will talk about ways to promote brain growth and development while having fun with your child and taking care of yourself in the process. Every parent needs to have some stress relief tools in their parental toolbox. Learn quick, easy strategies to relieve stress so you can be fully present with your child, develop better family relationships, and become the healthy, happy family you have dreamed of. This talk is for families that have children under the age of five.

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Twitter: @DeniseCarbon

San Carlos / Belmont Mothers’ Club – June 26, 2014