Recently, US schools started closing due to the Coronavirus. In the Bay Area, we’re currently on lockdown or “shelter-in-place” as it is more commonly known. Everyone knows the continuity of learning is essential, especially for differently abled children but school closures and staying home are imperative in order to keep our community and our kids safe.

As we navigate the spread of COVID-19, the health and safety of children and families continues to be my top priority. I continue to collaborate with other Special Educators and Early Interventionists, like myself, and believe it is important for us to think outside the box in terms of how to continue delivering high quality developmental services to our families – services to both children AND their parents.

Fortunately, my specialty is working with children who are medically fragile so I know how to keep myself and the kids I work with safe and healthy. While working at Stanford Children’s Hospital, I learned the importance of universal precautions and how to keep germs from spreading. Over the course of my career, I also learned the value of “teletherapy” – or providing therapy services remotely – so parents and children can still access much needed services from the comforts of their home.

I have been delivering successful remote parent coaching and teletherapy experiences for years and it’s time to get creative and ramp that up again in new ways. At this time, I’ve decided to continue serving clients and the special needs community, but for the time being, everything must be done remotely via Zoom video platform or by phone. One-on-one Early Intervention and Coaching Sessions will continue, as will Group Coaching Sessions, Parent Support Groups, and one-on-one Parent Breakthrough Sessions to help parents during this stressful time.

If you haven’t used Zoom before… rest assured it is free and easy and I can walk you through it! You can join by phone, tablet, or computer. It’s almost like I’m there in your home helping you every step of the way.

Before COVID-19, parents told me that they are frustrated trying to navigate the systems and that they worry their child won’t make progress, will be bullied in school, and won’t make friends and that they really want to know they are doing the right things to help their child catch up, so they will grow up and live a healthy, happy, normal life. Now, of course, the stress level, anxiety, and worry are far greater and more focused on the family’s overall health and financial future. Not only do I help young children with special needs make progress, but as an Infant and Family Early Childhood Mental Health Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and Master Life & Executive Coach, I feel it’s my duty to help parents navigate through the stress, overwhelm and fear that comes with parenting these amazing children during this unprecedented crisis.

What is needed right now to help everyone stay safe. Please continue to monitor the CDC Guidelines and stay up to date on how to help your family and your loved ones remain healthy. That’s first and foremost.

As the CDC predicted, “children’s lives might be disrupted.” You can say that again!! ALL our lives are being disrupted, but I say we need to stay positive about this and try to look on the bright side of things. This has the potential of bringing families and communities closer together; more than ever before if we stay strong.

This is a time to dig deep, go inward, and show your children that we will get through this together. It’s time to unite as a community and focus on compassion, kindness, and gratitude. It’s a time to face your stress, overwhelm and fear and not let it get the better of you. If you are struggling – ask for help! It’s a sign of strength, not weakness.

Let’s do whatever we can to create a sense of “normalcy” for our kids and our community which ultimately helps alleviate anxiety during scary times. Please reach out if you need support. You are NOT alone!

Following the current CDC guidelines and information is something everyone should be doing during this pandemic. Get up-to-date health information about COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics by clicking these links.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Stay safe and stay healthy!